The Moral High Ground - 'Take The Cash' - Digital

  • The Moral High Ground - 'Take The Cash' - Digital

The Moral High Ground - 'Take The Cash' - Digital

Written and recorded during the start of lockdown, ‘Take The Cash’ is an introspective and reflective memoire seen through the lens of bandleader/songwriter Danny Smart, as he navigates his new way of life after being forced out of his job as a sound engineer due to venue closures.

As Smartt explains, his circumstances led him not to be able to qualify for the government self-employment grant at the time; "I had to get a job at a supermarket [at the start of lockdown] to pay the bills and I found £20 on the shop floor. I kept it but I felt like a dick and it inspired me to write a silly song about it!”

Referring to a time during the pandemic when we couldn't get away from the words 'fake news' and we gathered secondhand information through our friend’s-housemate’s-brother’s-colleague’s-auntie, Smartt also adds “It's also about being frustrated with people who think they suddenly know everything. It’s okay to have no idea what’s going on!”

Marrying off-beat wonky riffs, guitar-based jazz and melancholic, anthemic indie-pop, The Moral High Ground’s early live shows have already left quite an impression. If there’s any band demanding a spot on your 2022 must-watch list, it’s The Moral High Ground.

Danny Smartt - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Alex Shave - Keys
Freddie Taylor - Drums
Nick Gauntlett - Guitar Solo

Recorded by Danny Smartt

Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Wood at 105mm Studios

Artwork by Viacheslav Lapshin

Track Listing

  1. Take The Cash

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