Burden Limbs - 'It Can Never Be Satisfied' - Digital

  • Burden Limbs - 'It Can Never Be Satisfied' - Digital

Burden Limbs - 'It Can Never Be Satisfied' - Digital

Three years after the release of their debut EP, Glasshouse resident misery cult Burden Limbs return with their debut full length album, ‘It Can Never Be Satisfied’.

Since their first EP was released in 2019, Burden Limbs has seen a revolving door of collaborating members contribute to the expansion of their tremendous wall of noise. Now as a 6-piece strong line-up, this album not only features every member to have been in the band thus so far, but also deliberately attempts to showcase the versatility of the project and the musicians involved. Spread across the eight song tracklist, the album firmly carries a range of varying and experimental influences from industrial, post-punk, math-rock, no wave, noise-rock, hardcore, heavy psych, drone and beyond.

'It Can Never Be Satisfied' sees the full maturity of an album written by a teenager, adjusted for adulthood. The album is a chronicle of anxiety, depression, life with ADHD, autism, childhood trauma and suicidal ideation. It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s purely for catharsis.

The majority of 'It Can Never Be Satisfied' was written by an 18 year old founding member Chad Murray in his hometown of Birkenhead during 2010’s, with the addition of two new songs written during the covid pandemic.'Flutters’ sees their band at their most delicate and orchestral, ‘Someone Pull Me Out Of This’ showcases their most direct and arguably radio-friendly side, 'Flesh Prison' see's the members at their most technical and crushing, whilst lead single 'It Can Never Be Satisfied' is a bleak chronicle conveying the mental strain of a war with the self, skirting the opposing magnetism of existence and oblivion.

Despite this release being their first album, it is already considered by the band to be part of a trilogy with each part aware of its own place in their forthcoming discography.

Track Listing

  1. Shallow Grave
  2. How Many Times Must I Reset
  3. Flesh Prison
  4. Flutters
  5. It Can Never Be Satisfied
  6. Someone Pull Me Out Of This
  7. Hypochondriac
  8. Burden Limbs

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