Christina Lopez - 'Ice Burn EP' - Digital

  • Christina Lopez - 'Ice Burn EP' - Digital

Christina Lopez - 'Ice Burn EP' - Digital

Embarking on an unusual era, serenades to ward away the gloom will be crucial. Luckily for all concerned, Christina Lopez has arrived with a debut fit to offer such solace with ‘Ice Burn EP’, her first solo venture. 20 minutes of icy introspection and affecting melancholia.

Marrying chilly melody to abrasive electronic textures, this self-produced collection is a distinctive break from the area Christina has traversed thus far, marking out new sonic territory where the bleak meets the beatific, all shot through with unique songwriting élan and imaginative textural flourishes.

A meeting point between flagrant pop sensibility and the avant garde, ‘Ice Burn EP’ promises much from the future - here Christina has produced a thing of understated rapture and alchemical power.

All tracks written, recorded, programmed and and produced by Christina Lopez.

Additional guitars performed by Oliver Marson.

Mixing and mastering by Adam Relf.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Ice Burn
  3. Blue Eyes
  4. Strangers

Pressing Information

Digital Only

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