in violet - 'Cathedral Thinking' - Digital

  • in violet - 'Cathedral Thinking' - Digital

in violet - 'Cathedral Thinking' - Digital

Everyone and everything has to change.

After a five year absence, in violet is back and diving headfirst with a brand new lineup and an approach to move forward as a middle-ground between DJ and band.

'Cathedral Thinking' is a monumental eight and a half minute slab of churning, swirling electronic rock. A lysergic post-techno racket with guitars chopping and chattering, sprawling drums and flickering electronics. Enough of each to pin you to your seat and keep you there.

The band’s founding member Jake Murray had this to say about the release “The world is lurching towards disaster. While the greatest threat to this planet’s continued stability surges ever closer at alarming rates, we are growing ever more divided. Society is polarised, our discourse is volatile and our time is running out. Will we hold those who lead us accountable, and reach across the aisles to turn a corner in this critical moment of human history? or will our divisions grow and our apathy lead us, blindfolded, to an extinction of our own making?"

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  1. Cathedral Thinking

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